A Residential Focus

At M Namo Builders our focus is on residential properties.
We provide reliable, high quality workmanship, always.


Kitchen, bathroom, laundry renovations.
Bedrooms and living areas.
Tell us what your plans are and we will make them happen.


Fences, decks, retaining walls, pergolas.
If you would like to make your outdoor areas more appealing or more functional,
contact us for advice and a quote.

Why should you use M Namo Builders?

We understand that not everyone wants a complete renovation or extension.

You might just want a new deck or kitchen upgrade, or have a fence that needs replacing or repairing. We can help.

At M Namo, we genuinely enjoy working with homeowners to create whatever it is that they desire.

We get an immense sense of satisfaction from seeing our clients excited, involved and having input into the building process. This is all part of the collaborative approach we take with our building projects.

Check out our testimonials. Contact us. We want to work with you, and we want to impress you!